Verband zur Anwendung reduzierten Drucks auf eine Gewebestelle und zur Sammlung und Lagerung von Flüssigkeit aus dieser Gewebestelle

Dressing for applying reduced pressure to and collecting and storing fluid from a tissue site

Pansement pour appliquer une pression réduite sur un site tissulaire et pour collecter et stocker des fluides qui s'en écoulent


A reduced pressure dressing for applying reduced pressure treatment to a tissue site includes an interlace layer (1920) adapted to be positioned at the tissue site. An absorbent layer (1928) is in fluid communication with the interface layer to absorb liquid from at least one of the interface layer and the tissue site. A pump (1810) is in fluid communication with the absorbent layer to deliver a reduced pressure to the tissue site. A cover is positioned over the pump, the absorbent layer, and the interface layer to maintain the reduced pressure at the tissue site, and a liquid-air separator (1940) is positioned between the absorbent layer and the pump to inhibit liquid from entering the pump.




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