Aggregate-containing emulsion coating material



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an aggregate-containing emulsion coating material which reduces leakage with time of a water soluble component such as a surface active agent from a protective coating film after applying a polymer based waterproof sheet and has good coating operational/finishing properties and good coating film drying characteristics. SOLUTION: The aggregate-containing emulsion coating material is used for protecting a polymer-based waterproof sheet and is of a system which does not require or reduces the addition of a dispersing agent (a surface active agent). This coating material has a coating film-forming resin (a binder), aggregate and an aqueous solvent as essential components. A nonslip amount of the aggregate is incorporated into the coating film-forming resin. Further, colored aggregate is incorporated as the aggregate and a glycol is incorporated into the aqueous solvent to be adjusted so as to enable uniform coating and to have a predetermined drying rate. COPYRIGHT: (C)2011,JPO&INPIT
【課題】高分子系防水シートの施工後の保護塗膜から界面活性剤等の水溶性成分の経時的な漏出が少ないとともに、塗装作業・仕上がり性が良好でかつ塗膜乾燥性も良好な骨材入りエマルション塗料を提供する。 【解決手段】高分子系防水シートを保護するために使用し、分散剤(界面活性剤)の添加を不要ないし削減した系である骨材入りエマルション塗料。塗膜形成樹脂(結合剤)、骨材、水系溶剤を必須成分とする。塗膜形成樹脂に対して、骨剤が滑り止め可能な量配合する。また、骨材として着色骨材を含有させたものを使用するとともに、水系溶剤にグリコール類を含有させて、均質塗布可能かつ所定の乾燥速度となるように調整する。 【選択図】なし




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